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How long does a background check take?

That all depends on what you order! For example, an employment verification can tend to take a few business days, depending on if the company responds to our requests. Our standard turn-around time is about eight hours, with plenty of searches yielding results instantly.

How can I do a background check on myself?

Unfortunately, Atlantic’s services are strictly for businesses rather than individuals. We suggest contacting your state’s police department.

How far back do your searches go?

As we follow the stipulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), non-convictions (a case with a disposition of adjudication withheld, nolle prosequi, and many more) are reportable from seven years from the file date. Convictions (a case with a disposition of guilty) are reportable whether it was one year ago or fifty years ago! We retrieve records that ideally go back as far as possible, which completely depends on the regulations of each and every county.

How do I know that this record really belongs to my applicant?

Atlantic utilizes a five-point verification system. This means our in-house processors are trained to look for multiple identifiers, such as birthday or addresses, so that the records returned are only ones that positively match your applicant.

How do I dispute a report?

If you are an employer, please have the applicant contact us directly. If you are an applicant, please view our directions to dispute a report here.

How do I pay for my reports?

As a vast majority of our components can be personalized, so is your choice in how you pay! We invoice net-30, paper or electronically. Alternatively, we could put a credit card on file to be charged at the end of every month; it’s really up to you.

How do I become a client?

Atlantic does not utilize a contract, but rather, a membership agreement. Any member of our support team would be more than happy to send it over, kickstarting our on-boarding process which involves a variety of customization to make your hiring as easy as possible. To become a client, request a quote via our Pricinator here or reach out to our office via phone or LiveChat.

Do I need authorization to do a background check?

Yes. In our efforts of keeping both our company and your business compliant, authorization forms (either paper or electronic) are necessary for any background check, and must be conducted within 30 days from the signature date. After 30 days, the individual must sign another authorization form in order to move forward with any searches.

How do I run credit on my tenant?

Credit checks as a service does involve extra paperwork, as well as an inspection to make certain your office is compliant concerning properly storing and destroying reports. If you have questions or are interested in finding out more about both renters’ and employees’ credit reports, please reach out to our office.

Alternatively, we offer ExperianConnect for those instances where you are looking to acquire a credit report on one individual.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 background checks?

In the state of Florida, a level 1 background check is a state-only name-based check that can sometimes involve employment history, education history, etc. A level 2 background check involves a fingerprint scan that may show offenses that disqualify you from a particular job, such as childcare or healthcare.

How much does it cost to be fingerprinted/how much does a Level 2 background screening cost?

Pricing for livescan fingerprinting varies from $55.00 to $96.00, which a possible extra fee in the case of a reprint. In order to give you the most accurate pricing, please call our office with your ORI number or your VECHS number.

My applicant disclosed a charge, but I don’t see it on the report. What happened?

If you ever have a question about a report, please reach out to our office so our support team can better understand your situation, and begin an in-depth investigation.

My password is expired. How can I reset it?

You can view the below video in order to reset your own password. Alternatively, one of our support team members can be reached via phone and reset it for you in less than a minute!

What’s a 21C Background Check?

21C is not a certification. It’s a standard service package assembled for Wells Fargo to manage compliance with Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. For more on this and other information, visit our financial industry page.

What are employment screening services?

Employment screening services are background checks and other screening services designed to discern a candidate’s authenticity for the employer’s security while protecting the organization, its employees, and customers from crime and fraud.

Can your employment screening services integrate with our Human Resource Management System?

Yes! In fact, we offer multiple integrations to different Human Resource Management System HRIS platforms. Learn more about our enterprise-level HRIS integrations.

What is the pricing of your background screening services?

We provide real-time pricing here on our website on our pricing page.

Can I buy individual services instead of packages?

Our pricing for background screening is always based on one of our service packages. Look at our pricing page to find pricing information for background check packages with or without additional services.

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