Bifurcated/Trifurcated Screenings

Smart Sequence: Complete Screenings, One Portion at a Time

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Bifurcated/trifurcated background checks are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. In some cases, such as hiring in New York City, a two-stage background check process is required for compliance. However, plenty of companies use these processes as a cost-effective solution to hiring. That’s why we developed Smart Sequence, a solution to streamline your background checks by allowing you to move forward portion-by-portion with a candidate.

Using Smart Sequence, your team can break down a background screening into ‘parts.’ This way, you can ensure you want to move on to the next portion after a particular part is completed rather than moving forward with the entire pre-employment screening all at once. For example, a hiring team may want a candidate to pass a drug test before proceeding with the criminal background check. With this method, your team can continue to approve a candidate’s results portion by portion and stop the screening in its tracks (before spending too much time or money on an entire background check!).

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