We know HR individuals are busy enough. That’s why the integration is built with your team’s convenience in mind – a single platform to simplify the background check process on an applicant. With a single click of your mouse, you’ll be able to choose a package and immediately begin the screening. No data entry needed! By using the electronic application via the integration, time to hire is reduced greatly without the usage of paper forms. You can rest assured that you’ll still be checking all the boxes for compliance, with customizable disclosure forms and automated disclosures at the county, city, state, and federal level.

Using PageUp With Atlantic

  1. Invite the candidate(s) to complete a background check in PageUp.
  2. Select a screening package that was customized to your company in onboarding.
  3. The request is sent to the candidate via the online invitation where they give their information and authorization.
  4. Trained processors automatically begin the necessary research and when the file is complete, you can view the report through a link uploaded to PageUp.

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