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As an HR pro, you’re looking for an accurate, fast, compliant, and user-friendly background check platform. It should provide precise and up-to-date information, complete checks quickly, ensure legal and ethical standards are met, and be easy to use. Our background check platform allows HR pros to focus on their core responsibilities and create a positive and supportive work environment.

Background check technology is always transforming, and so is Atlantic. With updates continually being made to our system, you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to compliance and security. You know what could go wrong, and we know what it takes to keep the hiring process as reliable as possible for you and your candidates.

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Always Open

Most of our background check services are instant and available around the clock.

Everything Online

Ordering, tracking, reports, texting, and letters--everything for your background checks is online. You're welcome.

Custom Billing

Convenient billing options to fit your needs. Separate locations, cost centers, business entities, even paperless.

Easy Payments

Merchant services are available to speed your background checks with online payments.

Online Forms

No more printing, postage, or couriers, for background checks. Our complete chain of custody is in the cloud.

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