Remote Workforce

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Managing a remote workforce is a totally different ballgame compared to seeing your employees face-to-face in an office setting. But it’s something that many companies have chosen to embrace given changes to our world. As a result, Atlantic has adopted guidelines to ensure that you’re seeing a full picture of candidates rather than what you may see on the webcam during weekly Zoom calls.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Even if you’re doing a thorough background check when you first hire, what about what happens after they secure a spot with your company? Ongoing criminal monitoring could be the answer to identifying and mitigating risk before it affects your business.  You may not be able to see your employees in-person, but it’s imperative to know if there are criminal changes that could affect not only how they’re conducting business for the company, but also their physical and emotional health. We offer many different types of criminal monitoring to make sure all needs can be met on an ongoing basis. Find out more here.

Ongoing Social Media Screening

Taking a look at an employee’s Facebook to see what they’re up to seems simple enough. After all, if you don’t see them at the office, being curious is a natural response. But what happens if you see something you shouldn’t?  An initial social media screening can give you insight into someone’s life, but things can change as time goes on. With additional checks set periodically however you like, you’ll be able to see a shift in behavior sooner rather than later. You can read how social media screening works here.

Employment Screening

How do you know that your remote employee is only working for your company during allotted hours? In light of recent changes to the workforce, it’s one of the most common problems that some companies are being forced to solve. Many database searches, such as The Work Number or Income Tax & Employer Verification (ITRV), have the ability to pull employer information instantly. These services do require certain forms signed within 30 days, but the search may help give insight into if employees are currently working for your company only.

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Remote Drug Testing

Experts agree that remote employees should follow the company policy when it comes to drug screening. We provide a remote solution, all without compromising compliance.

Remote ID Validation

Build trust in your team with remote ID validation with the highest degree of certainty. Verify that your employees are who they say they are, all within the comfort of their own homes.

You can find examples of how monitoring can assist your team in managing remote workers here. If you’re interested in pricing or finding out how this trending product may help you manage your team, reach out to our office.