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Healthcare credentialing is likely step number one when onboarding an individual as it comes to the medical world. When you want to ensure patients are receiving the utmost care from healthcare professionals, it’s part of a necessary process to stay in compliance and keep your company up-to-date. And with turnaround times slowing down immensely for the credentialing industry, we provide a solution that instantly runs real-time verifications across hundreds of sources.


From MD to RN to everything in between, quickly expanding coverage with new possible license types is a great method to maximize network potential. By extending your reach with a wide variety of licenses, your organization can serve more patients with the security of verification.


Cut your wait time by integrating NPI lookups and other verifications into the process of applying. Any incorrect data entry will be flagged in the forms as the applicants fill it out, leading to easy rectification and subsequently, speeding up credentialing. With prescreening, you can onboard candidates that are more qualified for your specific provider network with automation by API or customizable forms.

Provider Enrollment

With a one-stop platform, enrolling providers has never been easier. Your team will be able to manage rosters with a transparent view of updates on providers that could have opened overnight! And with the software, there’s also the ability to send the data to your own system for record storage, making it more familiar to you and your team.

With an end-to-end inclusive platform, you’ll be able to quickly onboard and grow your provider network. In today’s hiring world, what could be better than that? For more information, fill out the form below or reach out to our office directly.

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