Why Atlantic?

Anything Less Is Like a Background Check Without the Checking.

What's Wrong With Most
Background Checks?

When a background check is clean, you hire. When it's not, you don't. But what if a criminal record actually belongs to somebody else? They often do.

So Many People
and So Few Names

It's nobody's fault. Our parents tend to give us names that somebody else has, and sometimes it takes a little extra work to get the right background info out of computers.

Bad Criminal Data
Can Wreak Havoc

Relying on the wrong info can sour relationships, derail your hiring process, and even lead to legal action. That's why we work a little extra to make sure we get it right.

All Criminal Data Verified

When a background check isn't clean, we dig some more, and we don't send out bad reports unless we believe they're true, which means better hiring decisions for your team.

Atlantic Screening.
Real Background Checks From Real People

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