Our Newest Services

With an industry that is changing constantly, we are always looking to provide a solution for every single one of your needs. To kick off the new decade, Atlantic is offering a plethora of premier products to not only enhance the efforts of your talent acquisition team, but give you the edge that you may need to hire the very best candidates.

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Get Paid to Outsource Verifications with Vault Verify

As a platform that automates verifications of employment and income, Vault Verify not only takes a load of labor off of your human resource employees, but they get paid to do so! With a revenue share of $4-5 per verification, turn your HR team into a perpetual revenue stream: all while remaining compliant and eliminating potential data exposure by 99%. Free money, reducing liability, and saving time: what else could you need?

With a set up that can be less than 2 weeks and includes completely free implementation, the industry-leading technology can seamlessly integrate with plenty of payroll and HRIS vendors, including UltiPro and PeopleSoft. Adding an integration gives your talent acquisition team an opportunity to save money and time by automating verifications with Vault Verify and choosing Atlantic as your background screening vendor!

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

At absolutely no cost unless you save money in the process, you have nothing to lose by utilizing the Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) program when hiring your new candidates. A huge amount of effort is placed into hiring a single individual for a company. From finding just the right individual to conducting a background check to the onboarding process, the time cost can be exponential; but what if you could be provided a tax credit for those hires? In many cases, you can! If you are hiring qualified veterans, ex-felons, or SNAP (food stamp) recipients, you could be entitled to future tax credits to save your company thousands.

All you have to do is enroll with WOTC and provide the proper paperwork within 28 days of hiring. You’re recruiting candidates anyways; why wouldn’t you want to see if their employment can assist you down the road?

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Personality Assessments

Our personality assessments are designed to see the ins and outs of an applicant that you may not be able to view from their resume or interview. There are three different assessments that can give you a fuller picture of exactly who you are planning on hiring.

The Personality Plus is an all-inclusive assessment that “tests” the level of a multitude of personality traits that pertain to the workplace, such as organization, competitiveness, and flexibility. With this assessment, you will get a detailed outline on how the applicant may react to situations, as well as suggested interview questions and how these scores may affect training in the workplace. Additionally, at no added cost, you will have access to a system called Team Master. This system enables you to “build a team” with a leader and members; giving a company-wide scope, as well as insight on certain areas of work that some employees may need direction. The Team Master system is especially perfect for promoting internally, as it gives an overview of what a team member may be like in a leadership role.

The Insure Survey is an assessment that questions integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic, with a “risk assessment” degree to it that will suggest questions for the interview where you may learn more about the reasoning for an applicant’s answer.

The Johnston Index is a timed basic skills assessment that involves problem solving, mathematics, vocabulary, as well as spelling/proofing. The skills necessary to “pass” are that of a high school senior. Our own office was shocked at just how accurate these personality tests really are!

For more detailed information and pricing, reach out to our office below.