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Why Employee Screening is Easier with Atlantic

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Our employee screening services include the highest-quality customer service, which means we answer the phone so you won’t be bumped to voicemail during working hours. Our criminal background checks are carefully prepared (all arrest histories are reported with full dispositions), employee screening, identification and address report, license verification, and more – with no annual membership fee or monthly minimum.

Results Verified By Actual Humans

We know how many important hiring decisions are influenced by employment background checks and how much it means to your business and your candidates. That’s why we don’t let any criminal data go out without taking the time to make sure it belongs to the right person. Most providers don’t, but we think it’s important to get it right. Anything less would be a background check without the checking.

Works Easily With Hiring Software

Ninety percent of businesses can already use our service seamlessly from inside the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) they’re already using. Check out our HR tech integrations page for details.

Great Candidate Experience

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Easy For Candidates

Our platform allows candidates to do their part in record time from any device. If they have problems, our friendly staff is easily reachable by phone or chat. Because human resources and hiring are always changing, our technology is changing with it.

Free Adverse Action Letters

We offer unlimited Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters in both English and Spanish that you can use electronically or otherwise for your convenience. Also, we offer standard forms (such as our authorization), or you can choose to utilize your own. Just about everything can be tailored to fit you and your company!

Employee Screening Service Packages

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Additional Services

These services allow our clients to customize their background checks to fit their hiring process.

    • MVR/DMV
    • Identification & Address Report
    • CBSV
    • Federal-Level Criminal Background Check
    • National Sex Offender Registry
    • FDLE Background Check (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
    • NYOCA (New York State Office of Court Administration)
    • GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center)
    • MACHS (Missouri Automated Criminal History Site)
    • SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division)
    • Countywide Criminal Background Check
    • Statewide Database Criminal Background Check (Includes Statewide Sex Offender Search)
    • Civil Background Check
    • Employment Credit Report
    • Reference Verification Service (education, past and current employment, professional, license, personal, gap)
    • I9 Electronic Form & Storage *
    • I9 DHS Right to Work Validation *
    • Social Media Screening

If you are looking for an employee screening product not included here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will research your request and see if the product can be provided.

If you are a small employer and setting up an account with Atlantic is not right for you, we offer solutions for employment credit checks at TransUnion ShareAble.

Frequently Asked Questions

My applicant disclosed a charge, but I don’t see it on the report. What happened?

If you ever have a question about a report, please reach out to our office so our support team can better understand your situation, and begin an in-depth investigation.

What are employment screening services?

Employment screening services are background checks and other screening services designed to discern a candidate’s authenticity for the employer’s security while protecting the organization, its employees, and customers from crime and fraud.

Can your employment screening services integrate with our Human Resource Management System?

Yes! In fact, we offer multiple integrations to different Human Resource Management System HRIS platforms. Learn more about our enterprise-level HRIS integrations.

What is the pricing of your background screening services?

We provide real-time pricing here on our website on our pricing page.

Can I buy individual services instead of packages?

Our pricing for background screening is always based on one of our service packages. Look at our pricing page to find pricing information for background check packages with or without additional services.