Imagine an applicant tracking system that holds the ability to filter out less qualified applicants and increasing efficiency with jobboard posting and candidate matching. Jobvite offers your very own Careers Page that is easy for candidates to find and apply. With seamless integration to other HR systems, the recruiting platform has provided Jobvite users decrease of 27% in time-to-fill for jobs.

Using Jobvite With Atlantic

By choosing an individual in the candidates tab within your dashboard, a background check is triggered when changing the Workflow Step. Once our processors swiftly complete the background check, the status will be updated to one of two choices. “Clear” means the report is completely clear, where as “Flagged” means anything is present. As with all of our integrations, you will have access to our pre-adverse and adverse action letters when your talent acquisition team has made a decision.

Tech Details

With an API, Secret, and Signing Key, the integration is triggered by a workflow step. The status will update when complicated as “clear” or “flagged” when anything is present on the report. Implementation can be 6-8 weeks.

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