Continuous Monitoring

If you are conducting pre-employment screenings, you are taking the first step in being certain you are employing the very best candidates. It may be just as important to keep up-to-date on possible charges and/or convictions, and continually monitoring your team members can shed light on what could have happened since hiring day. After all, a person can drastically change five years into their career with you; obtaining such information from your screening company versus rumors from a coworker is significant. 

Arrest Records

After hiring a candidate, we all hope that it’ll be the last background check we’ll need to run. But staying ahead of problems before they arise is important. Random drug screening is utilized to decrease the odds of an on-site accident, after all; ongoing monitoring for arrest records provides the same sense of security! Our arrest record monitoring can help identify potential risks in the workplace and be done at a nationwide level. We can even provide a solution that enables court record monitoring for a specific area and timeframe, so you’ll get updated ASAP when it comes to a particular case you may be privy to.

Database Records

Whether it’s federal records, the sex offender registry, or even the Office of Inspector General (OIG), we’ve got a solution for your monitoring needs! Even automated statewide repositories (up to 27 states available!) can be processed for the most up-to-date court records. By utilizing a source-specific search, it’ll pinpoint the possible records that are most impactful for your team, all while effectively keeping the cost low.

We understand that the safety of you, your team, and your customers are of utmost importance. It’s why we’ve put our efforts into finding the very best monitoring possible, and is now available nationwide (excluding the state of California). For more information, reach out to our office.