December 27, 2023

What’s Next in 2024?

2023 has been a year of surprising amendments, the changing identity of HR, plus a shift from candidate-forward choice to one that relies more on the employer. Of course, that has everyone thinking: what could we expect from 2024? 

Technology Still the Top Contender

Each year, more companies are embracing technology in their HR department. 2024 is no different, and we expect a larger increase than ever. Whether it’s integrating their payroll or with an ATS/HRIS/HCM, using this information automatedly not only assists employers but also makes it easier for candidates. Your team will be able to lessen data entry and, therefore, reduce human errors; plus, it adds a much-needed factor of seamlessness to your hiring processes. Find out more about the technologies we work with on our Integrations page here, including our Preferred Partners

What Truly Matters to Your Team? 

While every organization has standard necessities for recruiting and screening processes, it’s always a good idea to revisit what may be most important to your company. With so many changes regarding the laws of marijuana, many organizations are updating their drug screening policies concerning the testing of THC. Some even remove “blanket criminal record knockouts,” which would rule out many individuals due to a single conviction. Your company may need to consider what matters in a background check that can sway a decision. 

Compliance Can’t be Cut

You’ve heard us talk about the Clean Slate Act a lot in 2023, but laws are changing the industry even more. With more places across the nation aligning with Ban the Box and Fair Chance, companies are under more legal scrutiny for not staying up-to-date on compliance. Certain regulations of these laws prohibit employers from automatically disqualifying applicants due to a criminal record, giving candidates a second chance when circumstances are right. We suggest speaking with your legal team to ensure you follow local laws. 

Stay on Top of Sought-After Services.

We’ve watched new services emerge and gain popularity year after year. E-Verify and Form I-9, social media screening… and what is slated to be the choice for 2024 is criminal continuous monitoring. While pre-employment background checks are incredibly important, an offense occurring post-hire may knock them out of the running for their current position. Continuous criminal monitoring can assist your team in mitigating risk and is a tool that is expected to become more and more prevalent across the globe as time goes on. 

As always, Atlantic’s mission is to transform with our industry as it inevitably changes. Whether your company decides to follow the above trends or remain the same, we’re easily accessible and ready to assist wherever possible.