Branded career sites. Access to thousands of job boards. Simple communication between candidates and HR. What else could you possibly need? Managing your applicant flow, you can have so much more! Our integration with their recruiting software gives your talent acquisition team the ability to optimize the entirety of their hiring processes.

Using ApplicantPro With Atlantic

When you combine ApplicantPro’s applicant tracking system with Atlantic’s quick, compliant background checks, you’ll save time, money, and frustration. With our Applicant Pro background check integration, you can initiate a screening with a click of a button, wait about a day, and you’ll be able to retrieve the full, comprehensive report from their profile in ApplicantPro.

Tech Details

ApplicantPro’s integration background checks with Atlantic Screening using an API, webhooks, and secret keys.

How to Get Started

  • You’ll need to become a ApplicantPro user to activate our integration.
  • Next, contact us Atlantic, and we’ll get you on the line to build the customizable integration. If you’re not already an Atlantic Screening client, you can start here, with pricing on the screening services of your choice.

Don’t know what to do next? Let us do the rest. Reach out to our integrations specialist, Danielle Davis, or call our office where our team is waiting to help you hire faster.

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