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Hire easier with our complete line of employee screening products and the friendliest customer care team around.

Atlantic by the Numbers

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Great Candidate Experience

We know how important your candidates are, so we work hard to give them a great experience. They can complete our consent forms in minutes from any device, and if there are problems, we're available to help by chat, phone, or email. That means your candidates feel cared for and your hiring process goes more smoothly.

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The Tech You Need

HR technology changes all the time. We make sure our platform keeps talking to your applicant tracking system anyway. Web browsers and government databases change too. For easier background checks, all the tech needs to work. We stay on top of it all to keep you functional and connected.

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We Play Well With Others

Most employers today use an ATS (applicant tracking system). Atlantic makes it easy to run background checks from inside your ATS. Our platform is fully integrated for 85% of ATS users now, and we’re adding more every month. You can search our integrations page for yours, or use it to find an ATS you want to use.

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Remote Workforce Ready

We've come up with plenty of tools to help employers stay updated on every part of a remote worker's background. From social media to arrest records, we're the solution that can help your company better manage employees from all across the globe.

Dozens of Integrations, including these Preferred Partners

Why Our Customers Never Leave

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Live Customer Service

During business hours, we're available by phone and chat. Try it now if you want.

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Instant Pricing

Want to know what we charge for background checks? It's a few clicks away.

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No Contract or Signing fees

We don't need contractual obligations because our customers choose to stay.

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Text your candidates the application and authorization forms to get started!

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Flexible Reporting Options

Need your reports configured differently? You can change them.

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Free Adverse Action Letters

Summary of Rights too. Several languages. Why do people charge for them?

Why Background Checks with Atlantic?

Although some say it’s our Halloween costumes they love, most customers stay with us because we pick up the phone when it rings, answer their questions, and help get them unstuck if anything doesn’t seem right. They also rely on us for background screening results verified by real humans.

Employee Screening Services

Atlantic is dedicated to providing the best employee screening services for HR pros, so everything we do is geared to help you hire better. We’re probably already integrated with your hiring software, with US-based customer service always ready to help during business hours and competitive pricing.

International Background Screening

Have any of your candidates been living overseas? It’s easier than you think to get an extra measure of certainty from running an international search, and we can help!

D.O.T Screening

Do you hire commercial drivers? Let us help with a complete D.O.T. screening solution and fleet monitoring that makes your due diligence a breeze.

Drug Screening

Need drug screening too? Find out more about our drug screening solutions.

Looking for Our Livescan Fingerprint Service?

Our fingerprint service is now called Atlantic Prints, and now they have their website! Find their outstanding service and easy appointments for Livescan fingerprint scanning here at!


Healthcare Credentialing (for hiring medical providers) and our Know Your Customer (KYC) for a detailed risk assessment of new vendors or clients.

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Thriving on Change

Hiring the very best talent is pivotal, so we make it easier for you. Our innovative technology ensures fast, safe background screening so you can hire with confidence. Whether it’s social media screening, consent-based SSN verification, or the next big thing, we’re always looking for new products to help you hire great people. Read about our newest services here.

Don’t see it listed on our website? Get in touch with us directly so that we can explore adding a new service just for you!

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