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Created with small to medium businesses in mind, ClearCompany is your one-stop shop for all things HR related. From talent acquisition to managing performance of your new hires,

Using ClearCompany With Atlantic

ClearCompany’s branded World of Work app marks the beginning of the background check. Once initiated, the applicant receives an invitation to our QuickApp where they are able to securely enter information needed for the screening as well as give authorization. After the background check has been completed, the results are viewable via a “Completed” link in the candidate’s profile. As with all of our integrations, you will have access to our pre-adverse and adverse action letters when your talent aqusition team has made a decision. With more and more competition popping up left and right when it comes to securing the best candidates, the last thing any hiring professional needs is obstacles along the way. ClearCompany is not just an applicant tracking system — it is an experience that offers ease and explosive technology to both companies and candiates without barriers. Voted as one of the fastest growing applicant tracking systems around, ClearCompany has plenty of ways to help you improve your hiring process.

Tech Details

ClearCompany’s bi-directional integration provides a self-authenticated link to view background checks. Completion time of integration with Atlantic is 4-6 weeks.

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