Greenhouse is built to enhance your entire recruiting process and offers a surprisingly affordable yet powerful and fully functional ATS. With our Greenhouse background check integration, navigating your entire onboarding process on a single dashboard has never been easier!

Things We Love About Greenhouse

  • You can decide where your hiring pool comes from. Greenhouse offers five different job board integrations powered by APIs. You can embed a job board into your careers site, or choose to place an application form directly on your website. You’ll get more applicants without even trying!
  • Candidate scorecards are available with Greenhouse and can assist you in staging how you approach recruiting. It provides the opportunity to compare two applicants for the same job, giving you the knowledge needed to fill the seat with the best choice available.
  • Communication is key, and that’s why Greenhouse provides private notes on applicants in the Greenhouse portal. This way, your hiring can continue its normal cycle while hearing from your colleagues virtually on each and every candidate.
  • You’re in control! Almost every part of Greenhouse is customizable, from user permissions to offer templates to the stages of hiring needed for your processes.

Using Greenhouse With Atlantic

Combining Greenhouse’s applicant tracking system and Atlantic’s quick, compliant background screening will save you time, money, and frustration. Using our Greenhouse background check integration, you can initiate a screening with a click of a button, wait about a day, and you’ll be able to retrieve the full, comprehensive report from their profile in Greenhouse.

A background check is triggered within your dashboard when you change an applicant’s stage to “Background Check.” Atlantic receives your request and begins the screening. A self-authenticated link is provided in the applicant file within Greenhouse. As with all our integrations, you have access to our pre-adverse and adverse action letters when your talent acquisition team has made a decision.

Streamlined ordering with a single sign-on, you don’t need to remember a gazillion passwords to run a background check. Little to none of your valuable time on data entry and acquisition, which lends to fewer mistakes made and subsequently, reduced time to hire.

Tech Details

Greenhouse’s one-way integration provides a self-authenticated link to view background checks. Based on API, webhooks, and secret keys. The completion time of integration with Atlantic can be one week to four weeks.

How to Get Started

  • You’ll need to become a Greenhouse user to activate the integration for Greenhouse background checks.
  • Next, contact us Atlantic, and we’ll get you on the line to build the customizable integration.
  • In the settings of your Greenhouse portal, our tech team will assist you in configuration. This includes personalized packages, field names, and many more options to best fit your needs.
  • We’ll help you in creating jobs as well as job templates, with different stages for each package that will be necessary for the type of screening desired.
  • Once your packages and jobs are aligned, you’ll create an API user, create a harvest API key, and solidify permissions.
  • After our tech team configures the integration on our end, we’ll help you create a webhook.
  • When testing is successful, the integration is live and good to go!

Don’t know what to do next? Let us do the rest. Reach out to our integrations specialist, Danielle Davis, or call our office where our team is waiting to help you hire faster.

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