Capture candidates with job boards, screen them quickly with our integration, and then onboard them: all through Lever’s one-stop platform! We know high-volume hiring can be difficult, so our approach not only aligns with your recruiting strategy, but it also assists your team! With the ability to message on the platform and collaborate on candidates, it makes it that much easier for HR to find the very best people to fit open positions.

Using Lever With Atlantic

Your team initiates the background check from the dashboard in Lever, where you’d be able to pick from a list of pre-loaded, personalized packages. This way, the correct products are sent for the background check with the QuickApp, our online invitation and application. Once the QuickApp is filled out by the applicant, the background check is processed by our in-house processors; it’s returned within the Lever portal, where you’ll be able to view it in its entirety. You’ll still have full access to our free disclosures and forms for your utilization.

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