Our integrations for UKG users give you and your team access to our background checks and employee screening services from inside your hiring and recruiting workflow. We provide integrations for both products, UKG Pro and UKG Ready.


Formerly known as Ultipro, UKG Pro allows you to streamline your onboarding process in your very own recruiting gateway. With unlimited users and packages, you and your team have access to all the tools you need to find success in hiring the best candidates. UKG Pro has created an interactive workflow that seamlessly manages your background screening while providing a simple and intuitive user and applicant experience.

UKG Ready

Formerly known as Kronos, UKG Ready is designed for smaller companies, but the technology is anything but limited. UKG Ready provides a quick fix to every function your hiring and recruiting teams need by optimizing resources across all human resource tasks. With an all-in-one solution, streamline your business processes with a modern cloud solution.

Using UKG With Atlantic

With just a few clicks, recruiters and hiring managers can begin a pre-employment background check in UKG Pro on candidates directly within the UKG Recruiting Gateway. Once initiated, the applicant receives an invitation to a secure link where they can enter the information needed for the screening and provide their consent. After completing the background check, the results are viewable via a “Completed” link in the candidate’s profile.

The integration with UKG Ready is very similar. The candidate receives an invitation to a secure link that requests their information and authorization. Once the report is complete, your team can view it by clicking a secure link in UKG Ready, which brings you directly to the applicant’s report.

As with all our integrations, you can access our pre-adverse and adverse action letters once your talent acquisition team has decided. With increasing competition, the last thing any hiring professional needs is obstacles. UKG provides technology that is not just an applicant tracking system — it is an experience that offers ease and explosive technology to both companies and candidates without barriers. As an award-winning Human Capital Management (HCM) system, the benefits of integrating Atlantic Employee Screening and UKG are endless.

Tech Details


Our bi-directional integration between Atlantic and UKG Pro provides a self-authenticated link to view background checks. The completion time for this integration with Atlantic is 1-2 business days.

UKG Ready

Our bi-directional integration between Atlantic and UKG Ready provides a self-authenticated link to view background checks. The completion time of integration with Atlantic is less than a week.

Preferred Partner


Required Subscriptions

Atlantic Employee Screening

Setup Time

1 to 5 business days

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