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An Alternative to The Work Number

If you’ve ever done employment verifications, chances are that you’ve heard of The Work Number. As a massive conglomerate of personal data, many companies utilize this third-party system to assist with verifications. But it can be costly: the current access fee is $69.90. And that’s up nearly¬†300%¬†over the last 5 years.

This is why we’re introducing Truv to continue our mission of giving you the very best choices for your hiring processes.

With inflation on the rise, we’re thrilled to introduce this product at an additional $10.00 per successful verification (and no cost if their payroll system doesn’t participate!), which is less than any third-party access fee in our industry today.

To enable Truv on your account, or if you’re interested in seeing how it works in a quick demo, please reach out to our office. We’re happy to help!