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Compliant employee background checks with quick turnaround times are necessary for employers looking to hire the best talent. With such a competitive hiring market, it is essential to have access to not only top-tier background screening services but a customer service team that has your back no matter what.

Employee Background Checks From Your ATS

Our processors are trained to not only provide accurate reports but specialize in compliance as well as technology. We use a service agreement instead of a binding contract because we believe in working daily to earn your business.

employee background checks

Easy for Candidates

Employee background checks are easier with our QuickApp; your candidates get an online, paperless invitation that helps them through the screening process in minutes. The candidate can complete an intuitive application and authorization form on their phone or computer. Our QuickApp automates federal, state, and city disclosures where the candidate lives and where they’ll work to ensure your company’s compliance with applicable laws. Automated drug screening passports can also be delivered to the candidate via e-mail, allowing either the employer or the applicant to schedule their drug screening appointment.

Free Adverse Action Letters

We offer unlimited Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters in both English and Spanish that you can use electronically or otherwise for your convenience. Also, we offer standard forms (such as our authorization), or you can choose to utilize your own. Just about everything can be tailored to fit you and your company!

We Work Hard For You

Not only can you anticipate top-notch customer service, but our pricing is also predictable: no hidden or annual fees! We also use a service agreement rather than a binding contract. We believe in working every single day to earn your business, and with our 99% customer retention rate, we’d say it’s been pretty successful!

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