December 21, 2021

Top Trends in 2022

The beginning of the new decade has brought more adjustments to HR than we could have ever predicted. While we’re all well-versed on remote hiring and more prepared for the unexpected, it’s important to know what the forecast for our industry is.  After all, staying ahead of trends in the background screening can help your team hire, train and retain.

Evaluating what really matters to HR.

A few years ago, background checks and drug screening were seen as obstacles rather than a necessity before hiring. With changes in the industry, many employers have shifted their hiring parameters to reflect the high need of applicants in a nationwide shortage. This may be leniency in drug screening, or a lack of “blanket criminal record knockouts,” that would rule out a vast amount of individuals due to a single conviction. Your company may need to consider what really matters in a background check that can sway a decision one way or another.

Constant surveillance on compliance.

With more places across the nation aligning with Ban the Box and Fair Chance hiring laws, companies are falling under more legal scrutiny for not staying up-to-date on compliance. Such regulations prohibit employers from automatically disqualifying applicants due to a criminal record, giving candidates a second chance when circumstances are right. We suggest speaking with your legal team to make certain that you are following along with your local laws.

Early bird gets the worm.

Due to COVID-19 regulations in addition to hiring shortages across America, many employers are being implored to begin the screening process as early as possible.  With some county searches being delayed for weeks to verifications taking longer than normal due to remote work, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. By beginning the screening earlier, you may be able to get ahead of unpredictable delays.

The emergence of new technologies.

In the last few years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many screening searches. Perhaps most notable is social media screening, which is easily one of our fastest-growing products. As we move into 2022, continuous monitoring and rapid on-site drug testing are likely to increase in usage as well. For the newest services that Atlantic offer, check our More Cool Stuff tab for the latest developments.

As always, Atlantic’s mission is to transform with our industry as it inevitably changes. Whether your company is considering any of the above trends or possibly wondering about the technology behind applicant tracking systems, reach out to our office and we’ll help you any way we can.

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