March 29, 2022

What Your Applicant Tracking System Can Do For Your HR Team

In the midst of’s annual survey about applicant tracking systems, we want to take the time to break down a few purposes that such technologies can provide for your team. We all know that hiring now is harder than ever, and your ATS should make it easier for you and your candidates!

Tap into technology to stay trendy.

As mindk points out in their blog post here, 54% of Gen Z candidates will not apply for a company if they feel the recruitment methods are outdated. This could mean anything: a lack of a careers page on the website, no mobile-friendly applications, so on and so forth. But utilizing an applicant tracking system can likely increase your odds of capturing a wider audience, and therefore, grow the pool you obtain candidates from. Plenty of technologies out there also allow a text-enabled application, in addition to AI-powered responsive tools so that your applicants are never left in the dark. HR knows better than anyone that the talent acquisition world has changed greatly in the last two years, and these systems are constantly developing rapid responses to surfacing problems.

Embrace artificial intelligence in recruiting.

With how hiring is going nowadays, you’ve got to get a leg up on the competition! One sure-fire way to guarantee you’re reaching everyone and anyone is to involve artificial intelligence. Within an ATS, a hiring individual is able to track an applicant from when they apply on a job board all the way to screening their background to the onboarding process for payroll. Applicant tracking systems are created with users in mind to eliminate repetitive data entry, enabling employers to make hiring decisions faster and therefore improve candidate experience. Recruiters have been found to take up to almost 23 hours for a single hire in just the shortlist and screening portion. It’s highly suggested to consider an ATS to improve not only your hiring processes but also allow your company to save time and money.

Work together, stay together.

We’ve all heard of “teamwork makes the dream work”, but it’s completely true! And luckily, plenty of applicant tracking systems are created with a group-oriented goal in mind. With many technologies facilitating collaborative hiring, it provides recruiters and HR professionals alike to discuss candidates within their ATS portal. Some even give you the ability to rate candidates! Such functions were designed give the organization a far more interactive method as it comes to the digital hiring world that the population had to adapt to overnight. Because such capabilities exist, it’s super easy to get your team on the same page and, as a result, lends itself to quicker hiring (which is always a plus for both the company and the candidate!).

Your team’s tools, all in one place.

We know how busy HR professionals are. From recruiting to onboarding and everything inbetween, even keeping track of all the different credentials can get confusing! So many ATS technologies integrate with not only our screening services, but a plethora of other tools that some individuals have a need for. This can even include certain CRM (customer relationship management) systems that recruiters are in daily, searching for candidates to fit an open position. With some applicant tracking systems, you can build a pipeline from job boards, to CRM, to our screening portal: all within one dashboard! Less work for you, more time to focus on the stuff that matters: building strong relationships with potential employees.

BusinessWire has provided that they expect applicant tracking systems to grow across the United States in the next 5 years, and that comes as no surprise to us. As forerunners in integrations between our screening services and a multitude of applicant tracking systems, we have seen a massive uptick in ATS technologies across the board. We must admit: we’re here for it! Any and all movement towards a more seamless experience for both the employer and potential employee is a positive transition. Interested in seeing what applicant tracking systems we integrate with? Check out our Partners page here.

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