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October 28, 2020

How To Screen Remote Candidates

Zoom interviews, screen-sharing to train new employees, and getting to know candidates virtually are all things that HR are learning to love nowadays. With more and more companies shifting to remote working, it begs the question: how exactly can you hire remotely? Luckily, in today’s day and age, employing a person who fits the position perfectly can be as quick and simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Find your best candidates online.

Think of the last few jobs that you have applied for. Chances are, you didn’t walk into the office and ask for an application: you went online. According to, 9.8 new jobs are posted every second on Indeed, and that’s just one search engine for finding applicants! If you’re feeling like you aren’t getting enough options manually, your hiring team can have access to a ton of applicant pools automatically through an applicant tracking system. This way, you have more candidates to choose from, and can streamline prospective employees from the beginning of the screening process to the end, all within one system. You can view our interactive and robust integrations portal to find which technology may work best for your company.

Utilize the QuickApp.

Atlantic offers the QuickApp as a way for you to resume recruitment and onboarding while maintaining social distancing. Sent via e-mail or text message, a secure online invitation is delivered to the candidate where they can give important information for their background check as well as providing authorization. In a time where face-to-face contact should be extremely limited, we understand that getting quick, accurate background checks is still necessary for every company. You can view a video of the QuickApp from the employer’s side below. To find out more about the QuickApp or to enable it on your account, reach out to our office.

Anything and everything can be done online.

Need an individual to go for a pre-employment drug screening? Atlantic offers electronic chain-of-custodies for drug screening, where passports are delivered via e-mail to the candidate where they can schedule their own appointment, or you can choose a time for them yourself. If in the event you do not want to move forward with an individual, Atlantic even provides several pre-adverse action and adverse action letters for you and your talent acquisition team to utilize on our online portal, or you can upload and use your own.  With every service Atlantic offers able to be offered virtually, we’re extremely happy  your team and your candidates safe.

We know how difficult times changing can be, but we also know that HR individuals are extremely adaptable. That’s why Atlantic is adjusting to these developments on the daily. Not only is remote hiring on the up-and-up, but in the long run, technology-based recruiting can save your team time, money, and stress. Have a question about how your talent acquisition operations can be transferred to a remote-friendly version? Reach out to our office! Our staff is more than happy to help you figure out what works best for your company and your candidates.