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August 26, 2020

How The Future of Recruiting is Changing

With the pandemic arguably affecting every aspect of life as we know it, those in HR are being forced to adjust to a completely new world. Recruiting is no longer as easy as bringing someone in for an interview and getting face-to-face time to guarantee that they will be the perfect fit for your team. But if talent acquisition is no longer what have come to expect, how can we tackle the new chapter in our industry?

Avoid creating a passive candidate pipeline.

It sounds simple enough, but the truth is, engaging applicants isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially in today’s world, one-on-one conversations are next to impossible, particularly when your applicant pool could include thousands of individuals. This is when AI powered recruiting can come in. With an AI-powered chat bot, conversations with the candidates can automatically update their profile within your ATS and shed light further into an applicant – all without actually speaking to them!

Don’t leave your applicants stranded.

Recruiting has always been about constant communication, but especially now more than ever: it is imperative to connect with your applicant pool. With every aspect of the application and interview done via phone or computer, prospective employees are expecting a call or e-mail on whether they are being hired or not. Gone are the days of assuming an HR team went with another candidate – and with such a vast part of the workforce looking for open positions, they have come to expect it and will appreciate the contact.

Embrace organizational changes.

In the past, overseeing productivity was as easy as taking a walk around the office. In a semi-remote or completely remote setting, no longer can HR teams and managers alike rely on such tasks; it may sound scary, but you might just have to put trust in your employees. Additionally, consider having a virtual team meeting in the morning once or twice a week.  Not only will it increase inclusion and participation from members out of the office, it can certainly help your team solidify a game plan for the week!

Digital hiring is here to stay. It’s our new normal. With HR depending heavily on technology nowadays, more and more companies are finding it crucial to consider utilizing an applicant tracking system. By streamlining the hiring process, employers are finding great success in reducing turnover, saving hours and hours that would normally be put into manual recruiting, and even optimizing the candidate experience. Atlantic integrates our screening services with many ATS and HRIS technologies, which you can view in our integrations portal. If you have any questions or would prefer a consultation on what technology may fit your company best, reach out to our office.