December 22, 2022

The Top HR Trends Expected in 2023

As we near the end of another year, HR individuals may be looking at 2023 with a little bit of apprehension. It seems like the last few stages of our industry have created more problems than solutions for hiring processes; between COVID-19 and the Great Resignation, your team may be ready for a steadier couple of months. But what’s on the forecast for 2023? What should we expect from the coming year?

Hiring internally, not independently.

Since 2021, many companies forced HR’s hand in hiring individuals externally to keep up with demand in the industry. Plenty of organizations watched individuals jump ship for new positions during the Great Resignation, but as the workforce shifts away from being a candidate-driven one, employers are wanting to move their present workers up in the business. This includes placing time, energy and money into furthering their investment into their current company rather than immediately posting on job boards, or searching independently.

A focus on health, particularly mental.

If there’s anything the last few years have showed us, it’s that the world can change at any given moment. Between months of burnout and months of uncertainty, plenty of HR has seen employees struggling as of late. The proper response, of course, is to pinpoint organizational patterns, including risks, to create initiatives to help their team. Company-sponsored therapy, as well as assistance programs for employees are just two solutions that organizations are coming up with to stay committed to their teams.

Creating company culture.

Keeping an eye on productivity in both an in-office or remote setting was something that plenty of companies had to find a solution for in the last handful of years. But the next obstacle might be establishing a culture that makes your employees want to stick around! Especially following the Great Resignation, wherein candidates had the upper-hand in hopping company to company – your team should strive for a workplace that is warm and inviting. A people-first culture is incredibly important to the younger generations that are beginning to join the workforce, and if your competitors are able to offer one, you’ll need to make sure you do, too.

Using data digitally and diagnostically.

Each year, more and more organizations are choosing to utilize technology in their HR departments. Whether it’s integrating their payroll or with an applicant tracking system, using this information automatedly not only assists employers but makes it easier on the candidates, too. Your team will be able to lessen data entry, and therefore, lessen human errors; plus, it adds a much-needed factor of seamlessness to the process. Find out more about the technologies we work with on our Integrations page here, including our Preferred Partners.

Keep up with compliance.

Last but certainly not least, staying updated on all things compliance is key. It might be something you hear a lot, but it’s because laws are constantly changing in our industry; it is imperative to transform along with them. In a recent newsletter, we urged individuals to check out this article for new obligations by JD Supra. As always, we implore you to speak with your legal team in the event that you have questions.

As always, our mission as a background screening company is to transform with our industry as it inevitably changes. Whether your company has reservations about the trends or wants to embrace them, we support whatever is best for your team! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our office and we’ll help you in any way we can.