February 24, 2023

6 Toughest HR Problems and How We Solve Them

We know human resources is one of the most challenging career paths out there. When you become an HR professional, you’re not only signing up to do one job – you’re signing up to take care of the entire functions of a team. Employees are easily the most important part of a company, and every worker starts out as a candidate, most of who are hand-picked by HR. With so many troubles for HR to conquer, we’ve tried our best to provide solutions so that you can focus on what you’re best at: supporting your organization.

Stay Current on Compliance.

Between onboarding paperwork and the daily ins and outs of building a team, plenty of HR individuals struggle to stay up to date with compliance. Whether it’s a new Ban-the-Box law for the county the company resides in or something that impacts the nation, each day can bring something different! With HR being pulled in every direction, Atlantic does our best to relieve as much pressure off of your team as possible. With our online invitation and application for a background check, all disclosure forms necessary at the city, county, state, and federal level will automatically populate for where the candidate both resides and is applying to work. It’s just one more box you can tick off for compliance!

Retaining employees you hire.

Hiring is expensive. Everyone knows that: from recruiting to training, it can be costly (monetarily, time-wise, and even patience!). By producing a beginning-to-end process for candidates that eventually become employees to the company, you’ll be able to strategically plan how to retain your team. Implementing procedures in a human resources information system (HRIS) can assist HR in setting a schedule for onboarding applicants, giving insight on how to track each individual. Plenty of HRIS technologies (and applicant tracking systems!) integrate seamlessly with our screening services, meaning less data entry and an easier process for both the employer and the applicant. You can check out our Partners here.

Hang onto candidates that you didn’t hire.

Sometimes, an HR team decides to go with a candidate over a few other applicants for an open position. That isn’t necessarily because they aren’t worthy candidates, but because that one individual may have suited that spot more! Leaving things on a good note with the people you didn’t hire at that moment can be imperative. The only solution to recruiters abandoning their prospective employees is good communication! Refusing to keep in touch with applicants that didn’t work out the first time around may only come back to bite you. With this method, you may still be able to reach out to those candidates months later when a new position opens back up – plus, they’ll be more inclined to accept the chance, if only because they know what to expect from the company. With most aforementioned ATS and HRIS technologies, you’ll be able to store applicants to revisit them when necessary.

Recruiting the best talent.

Piggybacking off the above point, finding the best potential hires for an open position can be more than challenging. With competitors vying for the same individuals to employ, what’s something your team can plug that gets you a step above the rest? First of all, gaining a larger pool of candidates can ensure more possible matches for the vacant spot. There are plenty of technologies out there that can assist in automatically posting to job boards that are frequented by candidates in hopes of catching their eye. With some applicant systems, you can even post to social media sites such as LinkedIn, capturing employed professionals who may not have been looking for a new position to begin with. The good news is that Atlantic integrates with many of these technologies, meaning you’ll be able to not only reach a wider group, but can automate the screening and onboarding processes, too!

Getting a full picture of a candidate.

The interview went great. The background check came back with no criminal records. But what else is there to do to further understand who your applicant really is? We have the standard employment and education verifications, and even personal and professional references to find out more about their character (with completely personalized questions, submitted by you in onboarding!). Perhaps one of the most unique and in-depth ways of seeing every side to a candidate is social media screening, where troublesome content is flagged. After all, just about every candidate will have some form of online footprint, and it’s a great way to see an applicant from the outside looking in.

Creating a great workplace environment.

Perhaps the most convoluted and challenging task is making certain the team you have chosen to employ not only enjoy working for the company, but enjoy the company they work with, too! While there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee a cohesive unit, there are plenty of steps to take to be proactive. One of the most thorough manners to assemble a crew that works well together is to consider personality assessments. Not only will this give you a broader picture of who your candidates are, but you can take the findings into account when deciding on who may work better together on a project or when promoting individuals to management. Atlantic offers a few different types of personality assessments, which you can look over here in our More Cool Stuff.

We all know that the last three years have been some of the most taxing for the workforce, but especially for human resources. That’s why Atlantic is here to help! As a screening vendor, we’re here to support your hiring process in any way we can. Interested in finding out about other ways that we can help? Reach out to our office today.